Monday, July 29, 2013

Health Benefits of Fenugreek

I was a bit slow in starting my Fenugreek seeds this week so I'll let you in on a little secret. Sprouts are healthy AND delicious.

You already know that? Fine! Did you know that Fenugreek can be used in tea, supplements, on salads or as sprouts?
Maybe you'll learn something new today smarty pants!
Fenugreek Seeds can be sprouted
According to (love this website), the health benefits of Fenugreek are:

Good for breast feeding mothers: India’s traditional ayurvedic physicians prescribe fenugreek to nursing mothers. This benefit is attributed to the presence of diosgenin in fenugreek.

Reduce menstrual discomfort: Fenugreek is considered as a potent menstruation ease promoter.

Minimize symptoms of menopause: Fenugreek contains the chemicals diosgenin and estrogenic isoflavones, which are similar to the female sex hormone, estrogen. Loss of estrogen causes menopausal symptoms. So, eating fenugreek helps to reduce menopausal symptoms.

Reduce cholesterol: Studies and researches show that Fenugreek consumption helps to reduce cholesterol level. Fenugreek helps to reduce the level of low density Lipoprotein (LDL) significantly.

Reduces cardiovascular risk: Fenugreek seed contains 25 percent galactomannan. This is a type of natural soluble fiber. This reduces cardiovascular diseases.

Control diabetes: Fenugreek helps to alleviate type II diabetes. According to one study, it may also help people with Type I diabetes. Study done by Indian researchers revealed that Fenugreek added to type I diabetic patient’s diet, helps drop urinary sugar level by 54 percent. Because of the presence of the natural fiber galactomannan, fenugreek slows down the rate at which sugar is absorbed into blood. The amino acid (4-hydroxyisoleucine) in Fenugreek induces the production of insulin and therefore, 15-20 grams of fenugreek daily is recommended for controlling blood sugar.
Sprouted Fenugreek Seeds

Relief for sore throat: Fenugreek’s soothing mucilage helps to relieve sore throat pain and cough.

Relieve constipation: Fenugreek adds bulk to the stool. So, it is helpful to treat constipation and diarrhea and also relieves minor indigestion.

Good for kidney troubles: Traditional Chinese medicine advises fenugreek for kidney patients.

Prevent colon cancer: Fenugreek possesses anticarcinogenic potential. The steroid diosgenin in Fenugreek is colon cancer preventive.

Good appetite suppressant: The natural soluble fibre galactomannan can swell in the stomach and thus, suppresses appetite


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